Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breastfeeding Advert


Anonymous said...

“You can get it any old how, Matter o' fact, I got it now” ... perhaps steal a slogan???

sair said...

I'm so glad you warned us!!!
This trip looks like it was so amazing. We're very jealous.

stef said...

What's breat-feeding? IS it an animal you find in those forests to feed wtih caution?! ;-)

jessica smith said...

I love anonymous' slogan. That's just what it's like!

Hi Sair - we had a great time! Wish you were with us.

Thanks Stef- have corrected my spelling mistake. I did see a tiny dog yesterday in edinburgh with a sign saying 'don't pat I bite', so the breats might need caution too.

byron smith said...

Pity that middle picture is blurred. That moss waterfall was amazing.